Indigenous Tribe ‘As Of Light Into Darkness’

by CultureOfNone on March 28, 2010

This EP was released in Detroit around 1997.  I don’t even have the original disc anymore – just this CD-R burn from many years ago.  The cover art was basically a photo of a turntable platter with a bunch of scattered spraypaint caps and other B-Boy paraphenelia – very old school.   It was a decidedly underground  local effort.

Track two on this CD is “Drastic Measures” which, of course, has garnered some degree of fame for its early-era Slim Shady (Eminem) cameo verse.

Also worth noting here is the somewhat confrontational “Detroit scene” lyrical jab in the first track:  “ICP is overrated and hated for the false identity created” which now surely falls on different ears with eras gone by.

A few years later (around 2002) Indigenous Tribe made a significant industry move with ‘Doomsday Machine‘ as a professionally realized full-length, endorsed by some Wu-Tang affiliates – but it remains a scarce and unrecognized hip-hop recording.

They also apparently released a followup disc called ‘Amazing Little Black Box‘ which prominently featured the names of Eminem and DJ Rec on the front cover.  I have no idea why it has similarly vanished into history, but that’s the story.

Listen to this stuff and tell everyone you got it here.